1987: Gallery “Dimocritos”, Athens.

1989: Gallery “Dimocritos”, Athens.

1990: “Ersis Gallery”, Athens.

1992: “Ersis Gallery”, Athens.

1993: Gallery Hiraklio, Crete.

1994: Gallery “Chroma”, Corfu.

1996: Gallery “Astrolavos”, Piraeus.

1996: Palais Hirch, Svetsigen, Germany.

1997: Town Hall Alicante, Spain.

1999: Gallery “Astrolavos”, Piraeus.

2000: Municipal Center Corthi, Andros Island “Mistral Youth World    Championship”.

2004: Municipal Center Zografou, Athens.

2004: Center of Hellenic Management Association (HMA).

2006: Adam Gallery, Athens.

2006: Alpha Gallery, Cyprus

Since 2012 I have been cooperating with Belgravia gallery in London and Hong Kong.



1979: Graduates Exhibition of Higher School of Arts of Athens, French Institution.

1985: Exhibition in Municipalities from the Artistic Chamber.

1988: Exhibition in Soviet Union from the Artistic Chamber.

1988: Exhibition with theme “Movement” in “Ersis Gallery”.

1990: Exhibition with theme “micro-shapes and microforms” in Art Hall “Epipeda”.

1992: Group of well-known artistic in Gallery “Iris”.

1992: Group of well-known artistic to Egina from “Ersis Gallery”.

1993: Group exhibition to Lefkada, from the Artistic Chamber.

1997: Group exhibition in “Pieridis Art Gallery” with theme “Fifteen Conjectural Proposals in Products and Services” for the celebration of 50 years of the advertising company, from Galleries “Astrolavos”.

1998: Group of 35 well-known artistic to “Pieridis Art Gallery” with theme “Pictures of Sea Greek Modern Creatirs” from “Astrolavos” Gallery with Citibank’s grant.

1998: Conjectural intervention in Worlds Convention Oncology (ESMO), which took place for first time in Athens, in November, to “Peace and Friendship” Stadium.

1999: Participation to the Art Gallery Convention with theme “Bridges” in Andros.

2001: “Month of Fine Arts 2001” from the Artistic Chamber.

2002: Group exhibition of “Rodavghi” Gallery.

2002: “In Search of the Olympic Idea”, Municipal Gallery of Athens.

2002: Participation to the “Open-air arts exhibition themed athletic objects of fights “Swatch Kaleidoscope”, which took place on the 15th of June to the pavement of Dion. Areopagitou.

2004: Athens, Swatch Kaleidescope Colours.

2004: Athens, Olympic Spirit Exhibition.

2005: Group exhibition of “Adam Gallery” with theme “We play?”.

2005: Group exhibition of “Adam Gallery” with theme “Sea Works”.

2005: Group exhibition of “Adam Gallery” with theme “Cooking… with art”.

2007: Group exhibition of “Psychari Art Gallery” with theme “Pictures of Sea”.

2008: Cooperation and prize award by Nestle for the artistic promotion of the café “Loumidis”.

2010: Cover the September issue of the Prospectus of Athens Metro

2012: July-August: Participation in the exhibition entitled «THE ART OF SPORT OLYMPIAD 2012» Belgravia Gallery in London.

2014: Exhibition of 15 top awarded paintings around the world in the competition themed “PEACE” from the International Foundation World Citizen Artists in Belgravia Gallery in London

2015: Participation in the 4th GABALA International Art Exhibition from SEBA (Seoul – Baku) Azerbaijani – Korean Cultural Exchange Association.

2017: Participation in the 22th International Art Exhibition ART ATHINA Booth B13 Technohoros gallery

2018: Participation in the 5th International Art Exhibition ART DUBAI ART FAIR