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Azerbaijan – Korean

AZERBAIJAN – KOREAN CULTURE FOUNDATION I’m glad to announce that two of my artworks have been approved for the 4th Gabala International Art Exhibition by the Organizing Committee of Azerbaijan Culture Foundation – SEBA (Seoul – Bacu).

Winner 2014

Winning painter  in the World Citizen Artists Competition 2014 I am very proud of being awarded in the World Citizen Artists Competition 2014. My painting “Joy-Hope-Peace” is one of the top 15 finalists. I would like to express my gratitude to founder Ms Valerie Von Lee and all the team of the World Citizen Artists, to… Read More


In 2009, I was glad to collaborate with NESTLE for the artistic promotion of Greek coffee ” Loumidis Papagalos “. Through this partnership, I was challenged to create attractive artworks, that will showcase, in an apealing and engaging way the unique across the world beauty of Greece, like islands printed on trays, ports on glasses, stone bridges… Read More


Individual exhibition in the Cultural Centre of Olympic Municipality of Zografu, in the framework of events organized in Athens, during the Olympic Games on 2004.


The Art Symposium “Bridges”, where 5 Greek female artists and 5 non-Greek ones who live in Germany participated, took place in Korthi, Andros in 1999. The scope of the Symposium was the exchange of opinions about art and culture. Art Historian Mrs. Athina Shina was responsible for the completion and the editing of the Art… Read More